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3 Steps to Transform Your Tennis Strength & Conditioning

Mar 15, 2017
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Where do you start when you want to transform your Tennis Strength and Conditioning?

It is a challenge every tennis player faces. Knowing your starting point and having something to aim for will help.

To gain a better understanding of a player’s Tennis Strength and Conditioning level, we ask them to perform specific tennis fitness test twice a year. These tennis-specific fitness tests have been developed to provide insight into a player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding weaknesses is vital to improve Strength and Conditioning levels, as they highlight the areas that need the most attention.

This is a more effective approach than training the same way day in, day out without enough focus on the specific areas that need attention. Many players and tennis trainers make this mistake and wonder why attributes such as speed, reaction times, and strength are not improving.

Identifying the areas that need to improve is the key and fitness testing is the method that reveals them.

Focusing on and improving physical weaknesses then allows players to transform how they move and feel.

Confidence can be a major hindrance to improvement, but when a player focuses and trains for their weaknesses, they typically record better results when they retest. This inflates their self-belief, helping them see a reward for their hard work.

So to transform your Tennis Strength and Conditioning, start by finding out what you need to focus on, set goals, and then go for it

Steps to transforming your Tennis Strength and Conditioning

1. See a tennis trainer who does testing or learn some tennis testing protocols.
2. Set goals and train towards them.
3. Re-test biannually.

If you would like to know more about our Tennis Fitness Testing procedure please email us on [email protected]