Tennis Fitness Test and Postural Movement Assessment


Tennis Fitness Assessment

The purpose of our Tennis Specific Fitness Assessments is to establish the current physical condition of an athlete. It also gives us a starting point and enables us to set attainable goals. First we test, then we set goals, train smart and hard, then reassess to establish how we have gone and set new goals. This comprehensive assessment system has been designed specifically for tennis athletes. Athletes walk away with a good idea of where they are at physically and what needs to be improved. Athletes receive their results and also a norms chart to see how they have performed.

What is included in the assessment

1. Height and Weight
2. Lunge Capacity
3. Girth Measurements
4. Flexibility and Mobility (whole body)
5. Hand / Eye Co ordination
6. Balance
7. Agility & Speed
8. Aerobic & Anaerobic conditioning
10. Lower Body Power
11. Strength - Upper body, Lower Body, Core

The assessment will determine your strengths and weaknesses and assist in designing individual programming.