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Tennis Fitness Workout for Home

Jun 15, 2018
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We designed 3 programs for you to do anywhere. It is a great tennis fitness workout for home or at the court. A lot of people do not like to work out in gyms, we get this. Although gyms offer a greater range of equipment, the truth is you can still get a great tennis workout exercising anywhere. The exercises in this program are specific for tennis and are a great way to increase your strength, core, balance, foot speed, and power. If you have the capacity to push yourself and be committed, then try these free workouts. 

Work at your own pace and build up the intensity as you feel you can. There is a verse in the bible that states – You reap what you sow. This rings true with your training. Get the work done, be consistent, and do not make excuses.

All these 3 tennis workouts are designed for you to complete at home, in a park, or in a small space (Minimum 3m x 4m), you will find it super effective at getting you "Tennis Fit".

Whether you are a SERIOUS tennis player or a SOCIAL player that wants to improve physically, at your time and convenience.

Being consistent is the key to getting good results.



Tennis Strength Home Workout


Sr. No.  Exercise Reps Sets Rest
1 Rear Foot Elevated Squat 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
2 Plank Arm Lifts 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
3 2 Point Lunge 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
4 Overhead Tricep Extension 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
5 Rear Foot Split Squat Drives 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
6 Plank Arm Walks 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
7 Resisted Side Bends 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
8 Force Absorption 180’ Jumps 12-15 2-4 45-60sec



Tennis Footspeed / Coordination Home Workout


Sr. No.  Exercise Time Work Time Rest Sets
1 Split Jumps (Forward and Backward) 10sec 10sec 2-4 
2 Forward Hops 10sec 10sec 2-4 
3 Side Toe Taps 10sec 10sec 2-4 
4 Split Jumps  10sec 10sec 2-4 
5 Lateral Scissor Jumps 10sec 10sec 2-4 
6 Cone Circles 10sec 10sec 2-4 
7 Figure 8 Cone Circles 10sec 10sec 2-4 
8 Force Absorption 180’ Jumps 10sec 10sec 2-4 




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Total Tennis Workout - 9 Workouts

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