Build Your Best Tennis Body

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2013

When you look at the physicality of tennis, it is demanding in a lot of ways. Having to be able to stay on court for hours requires physical endurance. Performing dynamic movements time after time draws on your power and staying in control of your body for prolonged periods comes down to strength. The majority of the pros on tour have extremely strong legs and they carry the bulk of their muscle mass through their lower extremities. Their upper bodies are lean and strong but compared proportionally to their lower bodies they have a lot less muscle mass. You don't want to carry too much access weight around on court, it will hinder movement, burn up energy and cause you to fatigue quicker. So it is important to get the balance right. When building your best tennis body it is important to remember what the goal is, "strength gains, stability and ideal body weight" if you can achieve these three things, you will not only feel good and move well, you will also look great! Building your best tennis body is first about getting some serious strength gains and then adding some lean muscle tissues. In order to do this you need to work targeted muscle groups to fatigue, that means pushing yourself to the point where you cannot perform the exercise, you need to get the load / resistance right to make this happen. It is important to have someone assisting (spotting) you with these tennis exercises. This tennis program video below will help you get the gains you need. 

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