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College Tennis - How To Get A Tennis Scholarship

Mar 22, 2023

I remember when I started out in the tennis industry - 25 years ago as a tennis fitness trainer, hearing coaches, players, and parents talking about American College Tennis (ACT). When I learned more about it I was impressed with the opportunity it provided for young aspiring players.

As time has passed the ACT system has improved and has attracted more and more interest globally.

I really like the pathway it offers players. Given very few young tennis players are ready for the pro tennis journey on many levels. Technically and physically most young players are not ready to go pro. They also need to get nurtured through the life skills they need to survive on tour. They need exposure to the right environments which will help them get physically, and mentally better, plus provide them with the support and guidance needed to make it on the pro tour! Trust me the early pro tennis life is a very, very challenging journey.


College Pathway

ACT provides players aged 17 years and up an opportunity to further enhance their technical skills and physical capabilities, whilst getting constant monitoring and support from a team of tennis coaches, tennis strength and conditioning specialists, teachers, and teammates. To me, it seems like the ideal platform to launch a pro career, whilst getting a great education along the way. 

Six months ago I was introduced to Craig Stock, Craig is head of athlete management at Sport USA. He is an expert in college placement. I couldn’t have thought of anyone else better to speak to about the ins and outs of college tennis.

Craig and I put together a short webinar explaining everything you need to know about college tennis and how to make it a reality for you as a player.

Check it out here 👇

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Please also remember our team is here for everyone in the community. Whether you are starting out on your tennis journey, are parenting a player, or are ready to launch your tennis career we are here to help – on many levels. Reach out!


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Nathan Martin -Tennis Fitness Co Founder 

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