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Goal Setting For Tennis Players

Jan 23, 2023
tennis goal-setting

No matter if you are starting out in your tennis career or you are a seasoned veteran you need to know where you are going. Without direction or a target, it is easy to get distracted and lose motivation. This often leads to ending up in a place where you didn’t really want to be.

I have seen this happen a lot in tennis. I don’t want it to happen to you!

Having been a tennis strength and conditioning trainer for over 25 years, I find encouraging young players to learn the power of tennis goal setting an important tool to help progress their journey. Although it is not only young players that need to do this 

When a player has a goal or a target they are trying to reach they are much more likely to stay focused on their tennis, have more certainty, and enjoy the process more. I mean who doesn’t like reaching a goal and feeling extremely satisfied?



Goal Setting For Tennis Players

Goal Setting can be a lengthy process that can deter people from doing it and some people have no idea how to set goals effectively. It doesn’t have to be a complex procedure.

A few weeks back I took a group of my online players through the goal-setting process and I recorded it for you to watch also! You can find it below.👇


Get your tennis goal-setting PDF here 👈

Once you watch it, get your goals down on paper by following the steps I take you through in the webinar! And make sure you stick to my tips to help you achieve your goals….. Let's go!

If you have a goal to work on your tennis fitness training, move quicker on the court or become more resilient then you need to get going with one of our Tennis Strength and Conditioning Programs asap. Check them out here.


P.s do not be afraid to reach out to us for help, we are here for you.

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