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Tennis Injuries - How Prone Are you?

Jan 27, 2020

Over the years we have found the best ways to prevent tennis injuries and assess if someone is at risk of injuring themselves, this has saved us and our player's countless injury issues. Assessments are just one way of helping reduce the risk of tennis injury.

The main factors that play a role in the occurrence of injury are; Training volume (Acute/chronic), Rest and Recovery (between sessions), Duration of sessions (Length of a session), hydration/nutrition, and technique.

These areas all need to be assessed and monitored to help prevent injury. In fact, a lot of our time these days is spent helping players and coaches get these areas right for the individual. Without doing so players end up with reoccurring injuries or new injuries. 

So what are you doing to prevent yourself from getting injured

The truth be told, most players do one of a few things; The same thing they have been doing for years, something they see on social media that looks cool, or something that someone has shown them that they themselves use to do 30 years ago.

 As much as I respect coaches and what they do, if a coach is not qualified to give advice on injury prevention or general tennis fitness training, they are best to recommend someone that is. I have seen kids with injuries caused by doing 100 burpees in a coaching session. 

So how do you help prevent injuries?

What we recommend is 3 simple things;

1. Assess where you are at (start by using the videos supplied here. For more detailed support get in touch with us)

2. Follow a specific Tennis Strength and Conditioning Program.

3. Work on the injury factors mentioned above and find what works best for your needs. Reach out to us for guidance and support if needed. 

Ok, so time for the 3 assessments. Once you have watched the video and completed the assessments, here are some targets to aim for.  


Tennis Injuries 


1. Apley (shoulder) Aim to get fingers touching or overlapping on both sides.
2. Knee to Wall (ankle) - Aim to get your foot (toes) 11cm or above away from the wall.

3. Sit and Reach (Hamstring and Lower Back) - Aim to get your fingers 8cm or above past the base of your foot. 

At Tennis Fitness, we are all about Injury Prevention (IP) - as a priority. That is why we believe that building a Strong, Flexible, and Robust body is so important.  

Every player no matter your age, level or gender should be following some kind of Tennis Injury Prevention Program.
All of our online Tennis Fitness Programs come with some kind of assessments, we do this as Tennis Fitness Trainers to help educate and protect the players in our community.

We do not want to see anyone get injured, so we want to offer you an incentive to get yourself - stronger, more flexible, and fitter (The best ways to prevent injury)  

All of our programs have some form of assessment/testing plus solutions to fix a weakness.