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Tennis Training – How to train with intensity

Nov 15, 2023

What I am about to say may seem harsh, but my view here is from my personal experience of over 20 years working with tennis players.


No matter where you live, who your coach is, the squads you are in, or how much tennis you play there is a very good chance you’re training intensity is not high enough. I rarely see players working at an uncomfortable level, most of the time players are sitting at a 5/10 when it comes to their level of physical exertion. Is that good enough? Well, that depends on what you are trying to achieve…

If your tennis goals are to play at a higher level, win more matches, or feel better on the court, then I would suggest you shift your training intensity.

If you are someone who is happy just getting by and floating through your tennis journey then keep doing what you are doing, that’s ok, it is your journey.


Check out the short video below, I will explain training intensity in more detail and give you some tennis tips on how to get it right, plus leave you with some helpful homework!



Now, let’s check in and see where you feel your training intensity is at….

Using the RPE scale I explained in the video how would you rate your average training intensity?


Now if I told you that you need to reach and hold a training intensity between 7-9/10 every time you take the practice court, what do you feel you need to change to reach this?


Do you need to be doing extra Tennis Fitness Training that would enable you to perform at a higher level? Most players do, so you would not be alone, check out how we can help you with that here.

Do you need to simply shift your mindset and be prepared to get uncomfortable every time you take the court? Good chance this will help dramatically.


Whatever you know needs to change or get added to your tennis journey that will elevate your ability to train at a higher intensity, I encourage you to get onto it ASAP.


Stick to my guidelines and advice in the video, follow one of our online tennis fitness programs and you will soon be achieving what you want out of your game!


Good luck!