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Tennis - Why Are You playing?

Feb 27, 2017
Image of junior tennis playing training

We can't answer that for you… but we can tell you why we as tennis fitness trainers, devote so much time working with and helping tennis players be the best they can be……

  1. Tennis players are a special breed. They get addicted to the great game and cannot get enough of it. As tennis fitness trainers this motivates us so much, when we see the passion there, we want to add to it. We have found it to be a good life lesson "find your passion, pursue it and people will add to it"
  2. We love the complexity of tennis. Physically it challenges not only your physical structure (muscle, organs, tendons etc) but also works the different energy systems (Aerobic, anaerobic) the body has at its disposal……. To be constantly improving you need to work on your tennis speed as well as, strength, agility, flexibility, recovery, nutrition, hydration, power and aerobic endurance, there is a lot of bloody things you can do. Finding the starting point or the priorities to focus on is the key!
  3. Technically we need to be constantly looking for ways to improve as tennis fitness trainers in order to help players improve what they do… It drives our personal development and up-skilling procedures….. that really helps keep us motivated and assists in keeping us moving forward.


Do you need to ask yourself the 6 WHY QUESTIONS?

Why do we want to help tennis players?

We want to help and give tennis players every opportunity.

Why? Because most tennis players will never be given the opportunity or continue to play after the age of 20 years old (due to injury or lack of passion) 

Why? Because parents, coaches, players need education. Their eyes need to be opened. They need to utilize all the tennis training resources available and be involved with a good support team, with people who know what it takes and is specialized in their field.

Why? Because making it to the top, there is a lot more involved than hours and hours on court hitting loads of green fluffy balls Eg Tennis structure, tennis planning, nutrition, injury prevention, tennis fitness, and tennis conditioning, goal setting, hydration, recovery etc ..... There a so many areas people miss.

Why? Because we care and want to help tennis players reach their maximal potential, remain injury-free, and give them every opportunity to make it as a professional.

Why? Because there are so many great tennis players out there, that will never make it, whether it's on the pro circuit, scholarships, etc. Due to lack of passion, direction, guidance, injury, fitness, etc Young tennis players need to learn how to train for tennis take control of their career at a young age, learn and understand what it takes to make it. 

 Ok, now it's your turn! Write down the 6 WHY'S that motivate you to play.


Why do you want to be a tennis player?

 Once you have done that, keep it somewhere you can see it around the house and remind yourself of WHY you play as often as you can. This will help keep you UP and motivated for longer periods and also help drag you out of tough times.

Good luck!

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