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Top 5 Tennis Fitness Blogs of 2023 - Part 2

Jan 03, 2024

Back for more tennis and fitness inspiration? Dive into the second part of our 'Top 10 Best Tennis Fitness Blogs of 2023' series. Blogs 1-5 are your key to unlocking top-tier fitness and tennis strategies. Whether you're a seasoned player or just getting started, these blogs cater to all levels of expertise.

These handpicked blogs offer expert insights, workout routines, and game-winning tips. Elevate your game and fitness with these top-notch resources – the ultimate guide for tennis enthusiasts and fitness buffs alike. Let the countdown to a fitter, more skilled you begin – your ultimate tennis and fitness guide is just a click away!


Top 5 Best Tennis Fitness Blogs of 2023 - Part 2 (Blogs 1-5) 

#5 - Tennis Footwork Drills

This blog addresses the common struggle of tennis players with court movement and footwork. It emphasizes the importance of a structured training plan and offers tennis footwork drills presented at the Tennis Files Summit. As a gesture of appreciation, readers are invited to access the presentation. The post concludes with a reminder to check out the online tennis fitness programs for more structured training.

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#4 - Best Tennis Training Equipment for Shoulder Exercises

This blog emphasizes the importance of resistance bands in tennis training, particularly for shoulder exercises. It highlights the versatility, portability, and effectiveness of resistance bands in providing stimulus for strength, power, endurance, and stability. The post outlines the key areas of a high-performance tennis training program and stresses the significance of a strong and resilient shoulder for tennis players. And provides a circuit of five tennis-specific shoulder exercises using resistance bands, encouraging readers to try them for improved performance and injury prevention.

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#3 - Importance of Tennis Flexibility

This blog highlights the crucial role of flexibility in tennis, emphasizing its importance for performance and injury prevention. It draws insights from working with top players, stressing the commitment needed for effective recovery. It provides a guide on assessing and improving flexibility, recommending daily mobility and stretching exercises. Online programs tailored for different player categories are introduced. The blog also underscores the significance of a comprehensive recovery protocol, including activities like ice baths and massage therapy. The final tip emphasizes the key role of consistency in achieving flexibility.

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#2 - Tennis Training Volume – What is the Right Amount?

This blog highlights the significance of balancing tennis training and recovery to prevent overtraining and burnout, especially in young players. It stresses the need for coaches and parents to understand the physical and mental loads players endure. The importance of individualized approaches based on players' characteristics is emphasized, along with the recommendation to use a training diary and biofeedback for adjustments. The blog concludes by offering assistance via email and promoting age-appropriate tennis training programs.

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#1 - How to Fix My Tennis Elbow Pain

This blog addresses tennis elbow, a common elbow condition, and suggests steps for relief. It highlights causes, symptoms, and tests for tennis elbow, emphasizing hidden factors like loss of the kinetic chain and failure to activate forearm muscles. Traditional treatments and a 6-week healing period are recommended. Dr. Erin Boynton, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, advises on technique, equipment, and fitness adjustments to prevent overuse issues.

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As we wrap up our exploration into the 'Top 10 Best Tennis Fitness Blogs of 2023,' we hope these insights have ignited a new level of passion for both tennis and fitness in your journey. The knowledge shared in our blogs has laid a solid foundation for your success on and off the court.

Thank you for joining us on this exhilarating journey through the world of tennis and fitness. Your dedication to improvement is commendable, and we can't wait to see you conquer new milestones. Until the grand finale, keep swinging, keep moving, and keep thriving. Your best self awaits on the tennis court, armed with the wisdom from the top tennis fitness blogs of 2023. Game on!


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