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Tennis Footwork Drills

May 25, 2023

So you want to get your feet moving better on the court right?  

I can tell you having been a tennis fitness coach for over 20 years that the majority of players are chasing the same thing! I would say 80% of players feel their court movement and tennis footwork are letting them down. That’s a huge number of players looking for the answers, I would imagine you or someone you know is one of them. 

From a physical perspective, people feel it is the biggest issue holding their tennis back.  


If you or someone you know fall into the “I need to move better on court” category, then this tennis footwork log is for you! Let’s go! 


Before we get started getting you skilled up on how to improve your tennis footwork, I first need to explain something important. In order to improve court movement as effectively as possible you really need to follow a periodised (structured plan) that first improves your physical foundation (strength, flexibility, and endurance) and phases into tennis-specific training (Agility, speed, power) This is the ultimate way to get things done and will give you the best results for your tennis footwork – I can guarantee you!  


If you want to follow periodised programming that will get you the best footwork results, check out these online tennis fitness programs (Myself and my team have created these.) 



Tennis Footwork Drills

I recently presented at the Tennis Files Summit, one of the biggest online tennis gatherings globally. Some of you attended! (a big thanks for the support.) 

My presentation covered the fundamentals of court movement. I loved putting this presentation together, teaching players how to get the basics right before they get more technical. This is important to understand for everyone, regardless of age or level of play.  

When you learn how to “Slow down” or decelerate on court it is much easier to “take off” or accelerate. Getting these fundamentals right is key to good footwork. So, applying the right tennis footwork drills that target these 2 areas separately is your starting point. Then combining them together is when we feel the footwork really shift. This is what I taught in my presentation.  


Now here comes your nice surprise…… As a thank you for being a part of our tennis fitness community, I want to take you through the presentation I did recently. You will get to learn more about the basics of court movement and give these tennis footwork drills a go, when you are ready, in your own time! If you want to get your footwork cracking, then this is for you, this is your starting point!  


Come join me! 

If you find the exercises helpful and can understand what we are trying to achieve by doing things the “right way” then remember to check out our online tennis fitness programs, they are structured, detailed, and tennis-specific, for you.  


Until next time, keep learning and enjoying your time on the court.  


Get those feet going!

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