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Top 10 Tennis Fitness Blogs of 2023

Dec 13, 2023

Welcome to the world of tennis and fitness! We've rounded up the "Top 10 Best Tennis Fitness Blogs of 2023" just for you. These blogs are like your personal coaches, helping you stay fit and ace your game. Whether you're a pro or just love staying active, let's dive into these blogs for easy tips and awesome advice. Today we are giving you blogs 6-10 of our top 10 most popular blogs of 2023 and in a few weeks (once you have worked your way through these blogs) we will share our top 5  blogs. Let the game begin!


Top 10 Best Tennis Fitness Blogs of 2023 (Blogs 6-10) 


#10 - College Tennis - How To Get A Tennis Scholarship

This blog discusses the evolution and benefits of the American College Tennis (ACT) system over the past 25 years. Emphasized the advantages the ACT pathway offers young tennis players, providing them with an opportunity to enhance their skills, receive support from a dedicated team, and pursue a pro career while obtaining a valuable education. The blog also introduces a webinar with Craig Stock, an expert in college placement, explaining the details of college tennis and how players can make it a reality.

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#9 - Clay Court Tennis Exercises

This blog provides tips and insights on improving tennis performance, specifically focusing on clay court training. Emphasizing the importance of adapting to the unique challenges of clay surfaces, techniques are discussed such as sliding into shots, building strength in key areas, and developing patience. The blog also offers specific clay court tennis exercises to enhance strength, stability, and endurance, ultimately aiming to help players become more proficient on clay courts.

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#8 - Professional Player's Tennis Training Diary

This blog provides a behind-the-scenes look into the rigorous training and daily routine of professional tennis player Casey Dellacqua during the grass-court season. Written by Giselle Martin, Dellacqua's former trainer, the blog details the challenges, strategic planning, and intense physical preparation involved in competing at a high level. It offers insights into the life of a tennis player, emphasizing the importance of meticulous scheduling, nutrition, recovery, and overall fitness for success on the tour.

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#7 - Tennis Forearm Exercises

This blog focuses on the importance of strengthening forearm muscles for tennis players to enhance grip strength, and racket control, and prevent injuries such as tennis elbow and wrist injuries. It emphasizes the often overlooked role of forearm muscles in overall performance and suggests specific exercises, both gym-based and court-based, to incorporate into training routines. The blog encourages players to prioritize injury prevention and highlights the positive impact of targeted forearm exercises on playing consistency and overall game improvement.

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#6 - Goal Setting For Tennis Players

This blog focuses on the importance of goal-setting for tennis players, emphasizing its role in providing direction, maintaining motivation, and avoiding undesired outcomes in one's tennis career. The author, a seasoned tennis strength and conditioning trainer, shares insights from over 25 years of experience, encouraging both young and experienced players to embrace goal-setting for a more focused and enjoyable tennis journey. The blog also offers a goal-setting webinar and a downloadable PDF to guide players through the process.

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