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Training for Tennis Like A Pro

May 16, 2016
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TRAIN LIKE A PRO, PLAY LIKE A PRO….. It’s our slogan at tennis fitness. But what does training for tennis like a pro really mean?

We have copped some criticism (just a little) for our brand tag, some people have said it conveys the message that all players of all ages should do the same tennis exercises and loads as pros. Well, that’s not what we encourage and not what our brand tag represents.

Pros train hard, recover well, prepare for tennis with purpose, are consistent, and are committed. We have not met one yet, that hasn’t followed those principles.

Some obviously at different levels to others, but they all possess the ability to be able to get done what needs to get done and they do it with consistency.

Training for tennis like a pro takes years to master. These players condition their bodies to the workload that is required to thrive. They learn how to recover effectively and work out what specific tennis programs suit them and how they can get them peaking at the right times.

You cannot expect a young athlete to be able to lift the same amount of weight, be as agile, run as fast, or have the same power as a professional player. What we do feel a young athlete can do is, train for tennis at high intensity, train with purpose, and be consistent.

Then and only then, we believe they will start to develop the physical and mental capacity needed to transform into a professional player. In my opinion, it is a given.

In Australia, we get feedback all the time how kids are not working hard enough or are too lazy compared to 10 years ago. We must admit all the kids we work with or know that are involved in tennis work their butts off.

We know this because they come and find us to get guidance and motivation for their tennis training, so the drive and commitment are there for them.

Some of these players may not have the talent just yet, but they are passionate and do that 1% every day.

Tennis Training - 10 Things That Require Zero Talent

Ask yourself and the players you may work with; What are 10 things that REQUIRE ZERO TALENT. The answers you give yourself or you get from your players have the capacity to create massive change, try putting them in place and see what happens (being on time, trying your hardest, ask questions, chasing every ball down etc, etc)

We really don’t think young players know how hard it is to make it as a professional. Every day counts, every hour, every minute is priceless for these up and comers. To make it they need to learn how to train like a pro by following the principles above. Even if they are the most talented young player going around we guarantee you they will not make it without sticking to the principles.

Our hope is that every young player with the hunger to succeed is placed in an environment where they get the right guidance that enables them to be the best they can be.