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Champion athletes in any sport all have one thing in common… consistent results. To be successful and have longevity in a sport means you have to have many wins over time. Quite often I will ask my tennis players, “What makes a tennis champion” The answers will vary from training for tennis, dynamic tennis footwork, a massive forehand or serve, mental toughness, and so on. All those answers make up a good player… but do they keep a champion at the top for months on end?

Most players will have experienced being up 4/1 in a set against someone who is ranked higher than them. How many times have you heard the lower-ranked player or the underdog put themselves in that position where they “could should have, and almost” won. But they lost…..


How to Develop a Tennis Champion

What makes a tennis champion isn’t just grabbing a set here and there (that’s of course a great start ). It is the ability to maintain form and endure rallies, games, sets, matches, and then the entire tournament. I don’t know of any tennis player that wants to have one great win, everyone wants multiple, consecutive victories. But quite often we don’t look at what goes into winning a tournament, compared to one great result.

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is the first priority. This involves consistently getting the balance right between tennis strength and conditioning, tennis workouts nutrition, hydration, rest, and recovery. A lot goes into becoming a champion, that’s why only a few people achieve it.

So if you are aiming for great heights and the “champion” status is on your hit list, be prepared to get your balance consistently right and stick with it!

By Nicole Kriz – Former Professional Tennis Player  


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