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There are few players who step on the court without a match plan in mind. To make the most of your training time, that same structured thinking should apply to your tennis fitness training. The best fitness strategy is a balanced one. Getting balance into your tennis fitness plan will improve your performance, help keep you injury-free and give you the variety you need to stay motivated. Here is a rundown on how to do it.

Training plan for tennis

Build - Build up your tennis fitness by completing a variety of tennis training. This will ideally include:

• Cross-training
• Strength training
• Cardio
• Agility
• Speed
• Core

It is always best to attack your weakest link first. Tennis fitness testing is the best way to find out what requires the most attention. Many people do very little to improve their tennis fitness, they think hitting more is the key, which is far from true. If you are not sure how to achieve balance in this area, contact us for some guidance.

Perform - Practice and play as often as you can. It is important to get this balance right. Playing too much will burn you out and not playing enough will hold you back. You can gauge this by your energy levels. If you feel great – that is, have good energy and remain injury-free – every time you step on the court, that’s a good sign; if not look to make some changes.

Recover - This is probably the most underestimated area for most people. If you train or play more than once a week you should have a tennis recovery plan, which should involve stretching (twice a week), a foam roller (three times a week), and a hot Epsom salt bath (once a week). Eating healthy and staying hydrated is also important for effective tennis recovery.

Be Organised - Having your weeks structured is imperative. Having a weekly tennis fitness training plan will give you the structure you need to incorporate training sessions, practice sets, strength training, massage, etc. When things are written down it's surprising how they become more clear. Depending on how you’re feeling and your results, you may need to increase or decrease your training time. Don’t forget to schedule some ME time as well. That is a must. Being organized is one thing the professional players we work with do well – they have their schedule planned out weeks in advance.

Having a well-balanced approach to your tennis will ensure you maximize your time on the court and feel good in between. Find what works best for you and continually aim to improve it.

 Good luck!

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