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Get More Out Of Your Tennis Workout

Aug 25, 2023

At Tennis Fitness we speak to up to 50 players, coaches, or tennis parents weekly all seeking advice and support.  

Most of the time, we can refer them to one of our online tennis fitness programs which are a great resource for anyone who wants a tennis workout or to improve their speed and agility, strength and power, or prevent injuries 

Apart from people needing guidance with their tennis workouts, we are finding more and more players struggling with self-belief and confidence in their game. I honestly believe a lot of players put too high an expectation on their tennis performance and it results in them feeling discouraged and let down. Players want to play at their highest level all the time and when you don’t hit that high level point it becomes frustrating!  


If you fall into this category and realize you need to get some advice on how to feel free on the court and play with confidence, without getting frustrated. Then I want to explain a simple tennis tip to you. 



The 33% Tennis Workout Rule 

The 33% Rule is a performance guide and a good way to explain to players that they will not play their best tennis all the time, but aiming to do so by creating positive routines and sticking with them will allow them to spend more time in the right performance zones.  


Check out the short video presentation I prepared for you that explains the 33% Rule in more detail and shows you the tools you need to perform in the right zones.  



The performance zones are broken down into 3 zones – Bad, Average, and Excellent 

Being aware of these zones will allow you to self-assess during practice and matches, this gives you the opportunity to make changes to, attitude, self-talk, body language, and intensity.

Using the right tools to get you performing in the right zones is how you build confidence on court and will boost your results.

It is all about creating routines, that then become habits (I’ll explain this in more detail in the video above) there is personal empowerment through this process, especially for young developing players.  


So, during your next tennis workout, on court practice session, or match, follow the tips I have explained in the video and I guarantee you will spend more time closer to playing your best tennis. 


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