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Mental Toughness For Tennis

Jan 17, 2024
Mental Toughness For Tennis

Having been tennis trainers for over 20 years and worked with a diverse range of players from tennis professionals to tennis kids, we have seen a lot. We have also found some major missing links in players' tennis strength and conditioning programming and training. These are areas we are always trying to address and educate coaches, tennis parents, and players on. Getting the balance right is important and finding a way to keep players consistent is tough for most.

Aside from the missing links we find in the tennis training space, we have highlighted the need for players to understand the importance of building their game around 3 key areas. These 3 key areas need to be balanced and all functioning together to produce the best tennis results and create the best development pathway.

No matter your age or level of play, if you want to boost your performance, win more matches, remain injury-free, and stay motivated then you should be aware of these areas and be doing something to improve in each area. What we have found is that most players are really strong and developed in one area with minimal focus on the other 2. Some players get 2 areas working well, but in my opinion, we see little emphasis and focus placed on area 3. So today we want to focus on area 3 and provide you with an option to work on improving it yourself.



First, let me explain the 3 areas to you

  1. Tennis Technique - Having the ability to hit every stroke needed with good technical ability should be the focus of a player’s technical development. That combined with understanding the technicalities and strategy of the game is the role of the coach and why if you want to maximize your potential, a coach is crucial. Without sound technique, a player will have minimal progress and possibly get injured. Working in this area is where most players spend their time and money. They feel it is the most important. I also feel it is important, but I feel it is just as important as the other 2 areas.

  2. Tennis Fitness (Strength & Conditioning) - This is a diverse area. When we talk about tennis fitness, we are talking about specific; tennis strength training, conditioning, agility, footwork, stability, power endurance, injury prevention, recovery protocols, preparation, and tennis nutrition. Most people dabble in a few of these training modalities, but without the right guidance and support, they don’t get the best results. Once again it is about balance and treating the “priority needs” of each athlete. Over the past decade, we have seen a large increase in players seeking guidance in this area, which is great. In particular young tennis players want help and structure, they can see the value in doing the work in this area. We started producing online tennis fitness programs 10 years ago due to the fact we could see a need. We are glad we have managed to help 10’s of thousands of players improve and get educated in this area. Check out what we do.

  3. Tennis Mental Fitness - This area focuses on a player’s ability to know themselves, their mental and emotional strengths/weaknesses, and how they can create “mental tools” to help give them the best outcomes on the court. This is an area that we feel most players do minimal if any training in. We have found ourselves learning more about mental fitness training over the past 10 years, due to the fact we can see players losing matches and getting frustrated because they are not resilient enough, able to control themselves or they get in a negative state and cannot turn it around. Getting this area right is crucial for long-term success and also for more enjoyable tennis!


Do you do anything to work on your tennis mental fitness? Chances are you aren’t…..

A few years back we connected with the team from “Mentally Tough Tennis”. We now have players that we both manage, us looking after the player's Tennis Fitness and them looking after the Tennis Mental Fitness. It is a great combination and one that is getting very rewarding results.

In fact Tennis Fitness (that's us :) and the team at Mentally Tough Tennis combined to create a world first in tennis - The 28 Resilience Challenge. Combining both tennis physical resilience training and tennis mental resilience training. We have had incredible results for 1000's of players who have taken their resilience level to places they never dreamed.   


Mental Toughness For Tennis

Is an area you need help in, every player does. It does not take hours of your time weekly. You need to learn some basic tools that you then can apply before and during play. What I like most about Mental Fitness training is that you get so much bang for your buck and often instant results. Once you realize what you are doing wrong and implement some tools to re-correct your thoughts and actions, the results can be huge.

If by reading this blog you realise you need to do more work on your mental resilience then The 28 Day Resilience Challenge is your solution. I want you to improve in this area so much that I am going to give you a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. Please just get started with it and I promise you will make a huge shift on the court, it will lead to you winning many more matches! 


We look forward to hearing your success story and hope you continue working on all 3 areas of your game!


Good luck!