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The Modern Tennis Player

Jun 19, 2024
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Hi there,

If you are reading this I am guessing you are in search of tennis training advice or maybe some specific drills to help you improve your speed on the court.

In this blog, I want to share with you how the modernization of tennis coaching and training can impact your game and help you move better, play better, and win more.

Over the past 20 years, we have had 1000s of inquiries about tennis training. In fact, we had to start producing tennis fitness programs to help support the tennis community. We realised we could not be everywhere and help everyone face to face so creating quality online tennis training programs was the best option.

I can tell you it has been a wild ride and now having helped over 100,000 players globally we have realized the need for online tennis resources is real and in need.

The modern-day tennis player needs support and structure at their disposal. The world has become technology savvy and making sure players have what they need when they need it is now the norm. We support this and encourage it; this leads to more growth and improvement for you as a player.



What we have found recently is that players, parents, and coaches are looking for ways to enhance their learning and boost performance by following virtual learning and guided remote instruction (live virtual lessons) this has fast become a common form of learning and performance enhancement for many people.

Online teaching resources, online programs, video analysis, and virtual lessons are great ways to get expert tennis training and coaching no matter where you are. Having this modern-day ability can lead to getting everything you need at your fingertips. (Some businesses do it much better than others, so make sure you do your research and find the right fit for you.)

Now there is nothing better than seeing a tennis fitness trainer or tennis coach in person, but for most people, it is hard to keep their training and structure consistent due to many reasons e.g. coaching/trainer availability, cost, and time constraints. We have found some people prefer doing their tennis training and coaching online now, for them, it is more convenient and cost-effective plus they get to work with a much broader range of experts.

We can help you get faster, fitter, stronger, and more flexible on the court by following one of our online tennis fitness programs. That’s a no-brainer, the programs work and have been tested over and over but what I wanted to speak to you about today is a new online Tennis Coaching Platform.


The Tennis Menu

The Tennis Menu is where players learn to win, coaches learn to teach, and parents learn to guide. We have found this online platform to be a great way to get all your on-court tennis needs met along with learning all the ins and outs of what it takes to win consistently and become your best.

We are very proud to announce our partnership with Marc and his highly professional and supportive team at The Tennis Menu.

I am going to let Marc explain how The Tennis Menu can help you as a player, coach, or parent CLICK HERE


My recommendations for the modern tennis player

  • Balance – Have a balance between; in-person coaching/training and online coaching/training. Especially if you cannot get enough time on the court with a coach or find a good tennis-specific trainer.
  • Courses and Subscriptions – Find what you are looking for online and make sure you can get a trial period or money-back guarantee. We offer a money-back guarantee on all our online resources, The Tennis Menu offers a 7-day Free Trial also. When you are getting these options you have nothing to lose by jumping in and seeing how they work.
  • Education - Use online platforms for extra guidance and learning. I can tell you from experience that not one coach or tennis trainer knows everything, especially me. Having been a tennis trainer for over 20 years I am constantly learning and looking for ways to be better. So even if you have a great coach and fitness trainer you should still be looking to learn and be better at what you do, no matter if you are a coach, player, or parent. Online platforms allow this to happen easily.
  • Communication - If you have a tennis coach or trainer that you see regularly make sure you make them aware if you are doing something online. This helps your team be more in touch with what you are doing. It also gives your team a greater sense of your motivation and dedication to your growth, this helps motivate them also.
  • Find what’s right - Find the right online platform that suits your needs and stick with it until you have learned what you need, then look to find something else. I know some people who spontaneously buy courses etc because it sounds good at the time. So, make sure before you commit to something you are going to see it through.


I hope this gives you a better understanding of the modern-day player and how online resources can boost your level of education and performance.

P.S. I highly recommend you give The Tennis Menu a trial and see for yourself how beneficial the system is!


Nathan Martin - Tennis Fitness Expert