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Why You Need A Tennis Periodised Plan?

Oct 04, 2017
image of tennis periodised plan

Can you imagine something as silly as doing the same thing all the time and expecting the result to be different! Silly silly silly…..

I have found myself doing this in the past with my training, strapped for time I would go to what I’d always done, what I was comfortable doing, did it work? Yeah sort of, could have I done better? Heck yeah!

I’ve long regarded having a “Periodised Tennis Training Plan” just as important as the actual tennis exercises within the plan. Here is some information on why I think that way.

Our bodies have extremely complex components and systems. We are also highly adaptable. Which means if we are exposed to a stimulus, resistance, or repetition our bodies over time will adapt as needed to perform what needs to be done, get it?

Whether it is the neuromuscular system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, or a combination of them, the body is highly adaptable!

The body is also highly prone to burnout, over-use injuries, boredom. These 3 factors generally lead to what we call “Plateau” If you haven’t heard this term or experienced it before you are lucky!

The fact is most people, maybe even you, wouldn’t even know they are sitting in a plateau, why? Well, they have probably been there so long they are used to it, maybe they have forgotten how it could and should feel to be in their peak physical state.

So in a nutshell - The body is highly adaptable, but it also needs to be challenged frequently to avoid injury, a poor physical state, or boredom…. Got it

The simple fact is, it isn’t that hard to tailor a program for sport specificity. Should you know how to do it, NO, just like I shouldn’t know how to fly a plane, because I haven’t spent hours learning how to.

My point is, find a tennis periodized plan that works for you, created by someone who has experience in the sport, that is specific for what your needs are and more importantly for your tennis game!

Tennis Periodized Plan 

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Would you build your dream home without any plans? Drive to a new destination without checking the route?? I don’t think so, and our thought process should be exactly the same when we look at programming for tennis-specific conditioning.


Tailoring a program that deals with the day to day (Microcycle), week to week (Mesocycle), and month to month (Macrocycle) aspects of what makes a program work is a key to success.

In saying this we should also take a global approach to consider the long term impacts tennis training will have on your ability to recover and most importantly compete in the chosen sport when required.

If the goal is to maximize athletic potential my question to you is, does your program assess you in any way, and does this then go into making the tennis program-specific and individualized to your strengths & weaknesses?

I am going to leave you with this – Can you remember a time when you did something out of the ordinary, you changed something up and gee it felt good.

Maybe you ran in the rain instead of on a treadmill, you did something that scared you, but it felt bloody exhilarating.

Well, that’s how we want you to feel when you train, every session, getting that same feeling. As your tennis program progresses you should feel prepared, excited, and expectant!

If you are not you are not following the right program. A tennis program needs flow and gets you to a point of what we call – Physical Peaking.

Reaching your upper limits of your physical state. This is what you need to be aiming for period!

No matter your age… You need to be on the gain train – heading straight for your physical peak!

Here is an example of a 6-week tennis periodized plan for players.

"Work Until Your Idols Become Your Rivals"