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Learn How To Increase Your Speed On The Tennis Court

Apr 11, 2024
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When we have new players come in to see us for Tennis strength and conditioning training, they usually have the intention of getting some fancy tennis exercises to make them move faster. The process that occurs after this, is why I love being a tennis fitness trainer.

First, we have a look at how they move through our testing protocols, monitor their times, and then have a conversation with them.

Ordinarily, this conversation leads to an increase in self-awareness, motivation, and the understanding that how they think about their movement, ultimately has the biggest impact on how they move (not some fancy exercise).

It is helping them realize that their attitude towards movement ultimately dictates how they move and the pace they do it. For most, it is a light bulb moment, but it takes some practice to get right.

The fact is most players move at a capped pace simply due to the fact they don’t think they can move faster and their attitude isn’t aggressive and determined enough. “Movement Attitude” is a skill that requires focus and commitment. When you are doing your tennis workouts, it is a key area to get on top of.

Have you ever seen world-class hundred-meter sprinters walk up to the start line and not look like they are about to murder the race? The attitude is aggressive, determined, and focused. It is a SKILL that can be developed and improved if you're willing to step up.

To improve it you need to put yourself in an environment that allows you to move at high intensities. Tennis Agility drills and Tennis speed drills are your best bet. They are platforms that will allow you to push your mind and then your body to the next level. 

It is always best to do drills you can repeat, that are measurable (timed). This opens the door of “the chase” as you try to beat your best time or someone else’s. This is how you learn to let go and go for it.

Once you have picked your drills and have your stopwatch ready. It’s time to switch on your mind. Step up your movement attitude by visually seeing yourself moving quicker, have your target time as your focus, and then be aggressive. If you're not aggressive and willing to bring the intensity, nothing will change.

Learn How To Increase Your Speed On The Tennis Court

Here’s where most players get it wrong;

  1. They have limiting thoughts and make excuses. We need to let go of our limiting thoughts and quit with the excuses.

  2. They don’t expose themselves enough to tough environments. Be willing to hurt, be willing to push that extra 10%, and be willing to do it again and again, as fast as you can. This is how the mind and body become better conditioned. Without exposure, you won’t improve. That’s a given.

  3. They don’t do it enough. You need to expose yourself to tough environments 2-3 times a week, every week.

  4. They stop when it hurts. This is my favorite hold-back, especially with young athletes. I love pushing them past the point where they think they can’t handle it, knowing that they can and need to. I encourage them to embrace it and stay focused. Once they realize “Wow I did it and it’s not too bad” the body and mind adapt and then we are off and racing. The reason I love it is because it is one of the best life skills a tennis trainer can teach a young player “ Push yourself to new heights and remember you’ve been through these situations before” This is how movement attitude is forged and fortified.

  5. They don’t back it up on the court. One thing that should never change no matter what the score is, is your movement attitude. Pushing hard and chasing everything has to happen, every point!

I once asked a friend of mine who is one of the best sprint coaches in Australia, “What is the one main area you focus on to get people running quicker” He replied “Their attitude. They need to think quickly, be aggressive, and see themselves moving quicker” We can do all the physical work, but without the right attitude it will have a minimal impact!

The next time you step out to train, practice, or play, ask yourself “How’s my movement attitude” If it’s not good enough, give my tips a go, a real go!


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If you take these steps and lift your movement attitude whilst training I promise you you will get some incredible gains!


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