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Tennis Mobility Exercises For Junior Players

Sep 23, 2022
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Tennis Mobility - It is a MUST for every young player!

At Tennis Fitness, we believe in teaching young athletes how to prepare their bodies for performance. It is crucial for long-term injury prevention and constant physical development. 

After performing 100s of junior tennis fitness tests, postural screens, and flexibility assessments we have found most young players are falling short with their flexibility and mobility ranges.
In my opinion, this is not the fault of the player, the coach, or the parents. It is purely due to the fact that most people don't know exactly what to do to improve in these areas. It is a matter of educating people on what to do and when to do it. 

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In order to prevent injuries and help young players become more complete players, there needs to be more focus on flexibility and mobility from tennis trainers, coaches, and parents.

We are also finding that young players are exposed to more time on the court with no cross-over into other sports which can have a negative impact on a tennis player's flexibility and mobility. Basically, a lot of young players are just playing tennis without doing any other sports or any tennis strength and conditioning training.

We consider this dangerous as players can develop muscle imbalances and overuse injuries. When players are exposed to a few sports let's say for example - Tennis, swimming, and a martial art discipline. They are balancing out the load on their body whilst still improving their coordination, strength, agility, endurance, etc. It is a much healthier approach to have.

The combination of poor flexibility and no cross-over with other sports leads to constant loading patterns on young bodies and in most cases overuse injuries. If players are not doing any flexibility and mobility training to compensate for their workload they are going to get themselves in trouble. 

What is important to realize is that young players, no matter how good they are at 12 years old, if they don't have healthy flexibility and mobility ranges it is only a matter of time before they hit an injury wall.

We see it all the time, it's not necessarily the best juniors that become professionals, it is often the ones who have the "best all over" pathway in place, the players who are setting themselves up to be complete players will always come through in front. Working on your mobility and flexibility is needed to create a complete player. 

Following a Junior Tennis Strength and Conditioning plan is crucial if you want to reach your potential. We recommend a training plan that encompasses all facets of tennis junior development; Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, Endurance, Agility, Speed, and Power. Learning how to pull all this together is a process and it is complicated for most people. We have created some options to help people out.

Our Junior Strength and Conditioning Program is the best place to start if you need guidance in this area. 

You may be familiar with tennis mobility exercises. Maybe you have never heard of mobility? 

Think of mobility as dynamic stretching. The aim is to open targeted movements that generally engage and use multi joints. This is how you create more freedom with your movement and can get into better positions on the court. 

Below in the video, you will see tennis mobility exercises for junior players. The exercises will give you a better understanding of what mobility is and how to do it. 

Try a few of these specific tennis mobility exercises before exercising, and you will be surprised how good you will start feeling.

If you need more guidance and support with your training and want to produce a complete tennis player, then complete this form here and we will be in touch.


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