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Tips for Tennis

Apr 27, 2023
tips for tennis

A few weeks ago I was teaching some of the tennis players we mentor online about the importance of regular self-assessing. That means looking at where you are at with your tennis, what you can do better, and what’s working well for you. This can be a 5min practice and this simple tip for tennis over time can transform your game.  

Why do this?  

I believe going through this process gives you the opportunity to stop and establish your current reality - What is going on with your tennis journey. In particular, finding the “One thing” that is holding you back or blocking you the most from moving towards your goal.  

This keeps you connected with your direction and accountable to your goal.  


(Getting this done regularly is a good tennis tip


I find a lot of tennis players just go with the flow and can become lost. Most players are not as connected to their tennis journey as they should be. When players are not connected to their purpose, and their goal, it ultimately leads to a lack of motivation. We will know what happens when motivation is lacking – We lose enjoyment!  

The players that I manage who do this well (self-assess) are the ones who excel and exceed expectations. They are in touch with everything going on around and in their tennis journey. They are connected to their journey and their motivation is self-driven and most often extremely high.   



Tips for Tennis

As a tennis strength and conditioning trainer I find most players are selling themselves short with their court movement, endurance, and their ability to back up match after match (sound familiar). In these cases, players need to establish what is the one thing they need to focus on as a priority. Examples - Tennis agility, tennis speed, tennis endurance, or tennis recovery. If you stopped and thought about it for a few minutes I am sure you could highlight one physical area that is holding you back the most. So why wouldn’t you do something about fixing that one thing?  


So how do you find the one thing? 

It is a simple process, ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly;  

Am I moving toward my goals? 

What am I doing well? 

What can I do better? 

Then establish what is the one thing that needs to change. 

So what is your one thing? What are you going to change?  


I know these tips for tennis sound too easy...however, every time you go through this process you should be able to find one thing that needs to change. You may find a few areas that need to change but focus on 1 each time, get that right, and then move on. Focusing on too many things will lessen the chances of you getting anything done.   

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In this blog I am not here for you to like me, as any good coach and tennis trainer knows, our job is to speak the truth and to get players to do what will help them improve the most. Sometimes that means getting players to do things they don’t want to do. In my opinion, if I was to get players doing what they wanted all the time and what they liked their progress would be minimal. My point here is if I am nudging you to do one thing that you know you need but don’t really don’t want to do, then I’m saying suck it up and get it done.

Get yourself in better shape ASAP!  


If you need further help with your tennis fitness training, mentoring, or guidance, simply reach out to us. We have options for everyone. No matter who you are! 


Until next time, play well and enjoy the game! 

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